Tuesday, February 21, 2006
  Sarandon, Robbins in Topless Rolls
For want of anything new, your chauffeur presents this dusty gem: Many years ago, driving north on Robertson Blvd. toward Beverly Hills, I noticed Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins following me in a vintage Rolls-Royce convertible. They were bling when we still called it flashy. But they weren't flashy so much as fabulous, the quintessence of Hollywood royalty. The rear-view mirror seemed to have birthed a magazine cover. It was back when both their careers were hot, when she was making a movie or two every year and pushing the age envelope hard -- before her current onscreen incarnation as a mom. He had just made "The Player" ... he may even have been wearing the same sunglasses. Movie stars, sunshine, blue skies ... it was an L.A. moment.

Except that my friend at the wheel was so starstruck, she slowed down to gawk and actually impeded traffic. Very smooth.

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