Tuesday, June 28, 2005
  Caged Heat: Part Deux
Sam recently found himself in that part of the world where you can walk past a car that costs more than a jet plane and then sit down to supper near the real-live movie star who owns it. Yes, he found himself in Beverly Hills. Here's Sam's story.

I just had dinner at Madeo's (Mateo's??), that nice, show-busy Italian restaurant under the old ICM building on Beverly, west of Robertson. As we pulled up to the valet parking, I noticed (too mild a verb, really) a 1960 Ferrari 250GT California Spyder parked at curbside. I almost broke my ankle jumping out of the still-moving car (don't worry, I was the passenger) to get a closer look at this rarely seen million-dollar-plus beast. Turns out our old car-pal Nic Cage was having dinner there. Can you believe that -- a movie actor driving around in a vintage twelve-cylinder Ferrari convertible? What is our nation coming to, I ask?

Once inside, and not too far from the luminary's table, I recounted the story you told in your blog to the restaurant's owner and my friend Jean-Louis. I think (no, I am sure) that you did a better job of it. (Note to self: stick to selling old Swedish vases.) Actually, I can be forgiven my inadequate rendition of the D-Type tale, as I was momentarily intoxicated by the recent whiff of the interior of the old Ferrari, made up of a perfect blend of Poltrona Frau cowhide and Castrol 20W-50.


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