Thursday, June 30, 2005
  The Fourth Circle of Cage
Should we just rename the blog "All About Nicolas Cage and Cars?" Today's mailbag bears yet another story involving the bug-eating, car-collecting star of "Vampire's Kiss." Well, as Keith observes in the following anecdote, "Nic is not a secret celebrity." Amen to that. Note also that Keith has perfectly summed up the jaded Angeleno's attitude toward fancy cars.

I was working in a high-rise building on Sunset in Hollywood. One day as I walked through the garage on my way to lunch, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the most beautiful Ferrari I've ever seen.

Now, in L.A., exotic cars are a dime a dozen. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston-Martin, Bentley, Rolls, Porsche, yeah, yeah, yeah ... who cares. I usually see two or three in an hour of driving, and in certain areas more. If you live in L.A. it's really no big deal, and warrants nothing more than a quick side-glance and a mental note, "Oh, Ferrari."

So if a car stops me in my tracks then it must be a beauty. I walked around it, trying to think which model it was, but I hadn't seen one of these before. Liquid red paint gleamed as if had been waxed constantly since it rolled off the assembly line.

"Wow!" I thought as I walked to my car. "I wonder who can afford a car like that?"

As I was driving out of the garage my question was answered. "Oh, here comes the owner." I watched him approach the car and thought, "He looks familiar ... oh, that's Nicolas Cage."

Nic is not a secret celebrity. I see him around occasionally associating with us regular folk. I didn't recognize him right away, as he had on some very large, gold "pimp" sunglasses and appeared to have his arms almost completely tattooed.

I waved as I drove by, and he waved back and smiled.

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