Tuesday, June 28, 2005
  Volunteer Post 1: 'Cruisin 2'
And the checkered flag for first volunteer post comes down on our alliterative cousin Colleen from Coto de Caza, who reports a perfect license plate sighting a few years back. Coto de Caza, by the way, is a sprawling high-end subdivision in the deepest reaches of the OC. She writes:
I saw Tom Cruise in a Ferrari of some sort -- "Cruisin 2" was the license plate -- driving down Coto de Caza Drive. I used to think he was so hot -- but now that I've seen him open his trap, I think he might have a chemical imbalance -- and that is entirely unattractive.
Colleen continues in a reflective vein on her neighborhood and its high-end vehicles:
I see the coolest cars here, but the kind of entertainment people who live around here are "behind the scenes" types .... The more secluded nature of this area lends itself to people who keep to themselves.

Most people haul their cars out and parade them on the weekend. What really really really kills me is when we take our cars to the car wash on the weekend, and -- with scores of people in line -- we'll see a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or a Rolls there. I don't get it. Why would you risk a car wash in public like that, where these cars could be scratched, they're not given the individual attention they need, and so on? The only explanation: the owners want to be seen. Which I find highly amusing.

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