Tuesday, June 28, 2005
  What Is PaCarazzi?
PaCarazzi! is where you read about stars and cars!

PaCarazzi! is a response to the intermittently bizarre reality of driving in L.A., where you really can see a movie star in a car worth a million dollars stuck next you at the light. As Andrew noted recently in response to the D-Type story (see next post), "There's only one Sunset Blvd. -- and Cage and Spielberg and all the other glitterati get stuck in the same traffic as everyone else .... Public roadways [are] the Great Equalizer."

Sure, tourists go ga-ga for this stuff: A single star sighting can elevate a Hollywood vacation from "memorable" to a major life highlight. But even some of us who live here year 'round never quite get used to seeing rare cars piloted by rarer stars. Thus, PaCarazzi!, a site for car-lovers with a sense of the absurd.

This blog is a group effort that will only work if people contribute, so write up your best star car accounts and send them in. Note: The car doesn't have be rare and expensive if the story's good. We're 99% likely to post your story, unless you're a big dope or it isn't worth the pixels it's burning on. We like photos, so send those in too (even though you can probably get more for them from the Star).

Viva PaCarazzi!

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What Is PaCarazzi!?

PaCarazzi! is where you read about stars and cars!
PaCarazzi! is trainspotting for the auto-besotted.
PaCarazzi! is bird-watching for asphalt-dwellers.
PaCarazzi! is the easiest place to get YOUR star car story published!

Viva PaCarazzi!

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