Tuesday, July 05, 2005
  Puffy 90210 and a Soprano Hits High F
Not all stories come to PaCarazzi! nicely gift-wrapped. Some drift in over the transom or across dinner tables. Here are two short but comical Bev Hills scenes to put in your tank:
"I saw Puff Daddy driving a Rolls-Royce down Rodeo Drive. He was wearing a strange constructed hat, a really bizarre piece of headgear. He was just cruising along, pretty chill."
And turning from self-made men to just plain made men, here's our second story of the week:
"I was making a left in Beverly Hills, and the driver coming the other way was going too slowly, so I honked at him. It was James Gandolfini, and he gave me the finger. He was driving a silver Infiniti convertible, I think. It was pretty funny, getting flipped off by Tony Soprano."
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